"You inspire me”
Jim Jannard
A friend, Creator of Oakley, Red Digital Cinema, ASC Associate Member, a genius 

“A very gentle soul and, at the same time, very tough. That’s a rare combination. He is a fantastic father to his daughter, Kate, and he’s a terrific still photographer. He knows all about printing, Photoshop, all those things that I seem to take so much time to figure out.”
Owen Roizman, ASC
5 time Academy Award Nominee

"Francis has a wonderful sense of each sequence being a part of a whole.  He understands the puzzle. He’s a joy to work with, he’s fast, knows how to use several cameras and his work always looks natural as it’s never been lit.  But it has!  His lighting style is always very simple."  "He’s very clever using a second and third camera.  A lot of cameramen think the use a second or third camera is in the way, and they can’t light for it.  When Francis places cameras they never look “grabbed”….. they look integral and beautiful.  He's great with crews and they love him."
    Bruce Beresford 
Academy Award Winning Director

"Francis has a ton of experience shooting digital and fully understands the technology involved.  He really understands the technology and, combined with his terrific aesthetic sense, gave us spectacular results.  He's a modern day artist."
Timothy Ferris
Produced the music aboard the Voyager 1 Spacecraft sent into deep space in 1977.  Tim is a Guggenheim Fellow, Professor Emeritus at Berkeley, has won the Klumpke-Roberts Award, the American Institute of Physics Medal, and  the American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow Award.


"We have a lot of spirited political conversations but we don’t come away from them feeling like we’ve been through a battle. Francis is a good listener.  Francis is one of the greatest cinematographers working today. He has an artist’s eye and a terrifically discerning taste on what will work in the context of a scene. But he nevers blows his own horn." 

Richard Crudo, ASC
President of the American Society of Cinematographers

"It was such a privilege to work with you during the producing of the Bush documentary. Your tremendous expertise and insight were invaluable. Your selfless commitment to the cause inspiring. My warmest personal wishes in all the years ahead to someone who is not only
terrific in his field of cinematography but more importantly, and honorable human being".
Vincent Bugliosi
Manson Prosecutor - Author of the books, Helter Skelter, And the Sea Will Tell, Outrage, Reclaiming History, The Prosecution of George Bush for Murder.  Edgar Allan Poe Awards
"He is really awesome"
Kate Frances Kenny (daughter)


               Photos: Francis Kenny, ASC